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Re: Question about Digital Voice

By the way for my list of tasks when the switchover happen,s does anyone know  if the wifi passwords change when BT replaces my two old BT hubs with my new two free  smart hub 2s? I would rather keep the passwords we currently use so that there is one less job to do.

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Re: Question about Digital Voice

Hi @Jane2018   Simply change the SSID and Passwords on your new Hubs to match the old ones.

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Re: Question about Digital Voice

Not sure if this helps but....

I've recently recontracted for broadband and this included moving to DV. The SH2 arrived a few days after the order was placed. When viewing the order tracking I noticed service activation was on the following Monday 18th Sept with the text "Parallel Working" to the 25th Sept. 

I didn't swap the hub until the 21st and upto that time the "old" landline worked. Once I connected the SH2 it seems to recognise this and I was automatically switched to DV and the land line had stopped working. I suspect after the 25th the "old" line would have stopped working even if I hadn't switched to the SH2.

I don't have a DECT phone so rewired the extension cabling to the green port on SH2. I guess I was without phone service for the time it took me to do the rewire. 

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Re: Question about Digital Voice

Yes, but my aim is to have a list of only 2 tasks not to add to the list - so open new hub box, replace old hub with new, plug corded landline into back of new hub - end of tasks... perhaps later try to get back special recorded 1571 message. If I have to do "SSID and Passwords " things that will be hard. I have not dealt with a hub installation for probably a decade or more . In the kitchen we have a sticker with the wifi passwords BT gave us years and years ago and presumably our mobiles pick those up and lap tops etc or we set them with that. I don't think I have ever logged into the hub on a computer and that kind of thing. At least I now know that is another task on the list of post DV things to be done - new wifi passwords, telling everyone in the home etc etc
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Re: Question about Digital Voice

😔, if you change the SSID and passwords of the new routers match that of your current routers then the individual devices ( like mobile phones tablets etc ) will connect ‘automatically’ ( rather than having to enter the new log in credentials on each wireless device to connect to the new routers ),

I dare say if this is all too much , you could ask a friend, neighbour or relative that is a little more ‘au fait’ with WiFi to do this , or at a push employ someone to do it for you, but this migration isn’t difficult, it would be exactly what you would have to do if your existing router develop a fault , that required  it to be replaced with a different router …TBH much of your angst seems on related posts , seems to be about using wired phones on DV , so it’s a little surprising that you use WiFi and not wired Ethernet for your internet access.

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Re: Question about Digital Voice


when you get the new SH2 then if you intend to change SH2 SSID/wifi password to that of previous hub then I would do that before you connect it to the internet.  you do not need internet connection for the change just an ethernet connection from pc/laptop to the new SH2.   then turn SH2 on then go to hub manager and enter admin password from back of new SH2 then go to advanced settings then wireless, make the changes to SSID and password and then remember to save and exit

now when you disconnect existing hub and replace with SH2 then your devices will just connect to new SH2 as if old hub

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Re: Digital Voice Essential Cordless Phone

And hopefully just plug by corded phone into the back of the new hub BT will be sending me.
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Re: Digital Voice Essential Cordless Phone

I have no loyalty to the passwords on the existing two BT broadband lines for wifi as they are long awful ones set by BT. I just want to know and prepare for the switch over. I use wired internet as do my sons 2 and 3 flights up on another line as that is much better in this house but people do use wifi in the house in various other rooms (although in one room from which my daughter was working at one point last year the wifi was so bad to not be able to manage work Teams or Zoom calls - that room is not wired.

I am going to start my list of tasks.

1. Make sure BT send the 2 new hubs.

2. Remember the wifi passwords for each will be new ones so things like mobiles and lap tops and note in kitchen will need to be changed to new passwords when new hubs come. Remember the dial tone will not sound the same as it does now.

3.  After a week or so check what is happening with my 1571 specific voicemail etc service as I want my own recorded messages on both landline numbers to continue.

4.  On day I plug  main corded landline in home office in back of  the new hub and not in the wall socket. Probably something complex to be done to set up a new home hub

Then start working on the separate second BT account on which the other landline number and the broadband number with no home phone on it - that is a complication that is most concerning - a landline without broadband pus a BT number.ine with broadband without a telephone landline on it - ideally they would merge into one but I don't want anything to mean I lose that landline number so sorting out that may have to wait to a phase 2. I presume BT will count on that account me as someone without broadband on one line and might provide some kind of free third router or modem and for  the broad band but no landline provide just the new router in the back of which I plug no corded phone.  Weill leave the 6 landlines on that landline number around the house for my own phase 2.

 I have a triage of priorities starting with 1 - internet must still work on both broadband accounts. 2. Main landline number must still work for a constant daily corded phone calls and be as good quality calls as now - clear as a bell and not broken down once in 20 years!! (beat that Digital voice if you can)....... 3. Other landline number not so much used must work on at least one home extension.

5. I make and receive international calls on the landlines. So for each of those it sounds like I need to do something rather than leave things alone - so yet another task for the list even though I just want everything to stay the same as now.  " saw this useful post - his works, had digital voice as part of a new FTTP line and couldn’t call abroad, logged into my BT on the web (not the app) and eventually found the tab for “calling features” and un-ticked the box for “International and Premium Rate Call Barring”. You can also switch off the 1571 in the list of options too.   "


I wish every single default were exactly what a customer had before Digital Voice so our list of tasks were fewer.


This is getting more real now and concerning. Yesterday and today Openreach men were  going down the road putting wires through something or other under ground, presumably to bring fibre optic cable close rather than the very very far away box/exchange and copper wires we currently have.


This thread is my therapy over PTSD caused by future  Digital Voice [ joking....]


In the garage I have some very complicated pre 1997 "Labgear" kit and have no idea what it does but hope that does cause problems. It is white boxes with wires coming out.



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Re: Digital Voice Essential Cordless Phone

This is getting totally ridiculous, you are not making a mountain out of a molehill, you are making a complete range greater than the Himalayas. 

Stop fretting, stop crossing bridges way before you get to them and stop continuously posting on every thread you see and wait for the changeover.

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Re: Digital Voice Essential Cordless Phone

Just found another task for me when London is forced into Digital Voice in 2023 - apparently Call Waiting even though I don't have it now will be enabled. Therefore I need to remember to remove it.


"Because you have two lines, the Call Waiting function is pre-enabled.  Call Waiting tells you when other callers are trying to get through, whilst you are on the line. You'll hear a discreet beep when someone is trying to get through to you while you're on the phone. You can choose whether or not to take the call.  On most DECT handsets the R button can be used to answer the second call.  To deactivate this function you will have to call BT or manage it via your BT online account by logging in and then click on My BT - Your Products - Digital Voice - Call Waiting.  It is a zero cost option."


We are up to about 7 or 8 things so far I will have to do.

I am now trying to find out the legal position on refusing digital voice as long as possible. I think over 70s will not be forced into it immediately but I am not quite that age.


Another issue seems to be - I was assuming all corded phones simply will plug into back of the new hub BT wll be sending me. However it looks like I would need to work out if the landlines on my desk for our two different landline numbers are "MF" phones or not   "the new BT system only works with tone (MF) telephones. If your telephone is press button then see if there is a switch on the base to change the way it dials out (marked LD or Pulse or MF). Choose MF if it is available. You can also buy devices that convert dial pulse to tone, so antique phones can still work."

I just turned both phones over but they have nothing saying LD pulse or MF on front or back.

I thought it was going to be plug and play but it sounds amazingly complicated.

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