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Re: Digital Voice - Lost my phone number on transfer

Hi i have switched to bt broadband and got put on bt digital voice, i asked for a renumber as per the forums as my number of over 50 years was changed. I had to wait nearly 3 months each time going around in circles by the bt team that does the renumbering only to come back to me and say my old landline number is lost and has been returned to the pool of numbers , but they did confirm bt owns my number.

i am struggling with bt to get any further, how do i get it back? complain to ofcom? switch providers? 


i was never even made aware i would loose my number if i switched to bt. 


can anyone help me?  bt customer care on telephone never help and all go round in circles trying to do something that wont work.

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Re: Digital Voice - Lost my phone number on transfer

I don't think there is a simple answer until you get lucky and speak to the right people. 

The call-centre staff kept telling me that it was 'impossible' even when I kept pointing out that every engineer who visited my home told me that it IS possible but I got nowhere. After about 8 attempts, with the same 'impossible' response, I asked them to put me through to someone who can explain WHY it is 'impossible'.

They put me through to a very helpful engineer who said, 'of course it is possible'. I asked if he minded me quoting him and asked if he minded me recording him telling me that it  WAS possible. He was fine with that and I got my number back very quickly.

It IS possible, so don't take 'NO' for an answer.



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Re: Digital Voice - Lost my phone number on transfer


I moved your post as the other thread was marked as solved and this way you should get help.

As you have tried many times without success I have asked a mod to see if they can help

They will post here

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Re: Digital Voice - Lost my phone number on transfer

Just to let you know that happened to me in 2021 although BT switched off my existing DV service without notice, blaming India for the mistake and telling me that it was "impossible" to get my BT issued number back. 

Like the second poster I persisted and finally got to speak to a very competent and helpful Team Member who promptly achieved the "impossible"  and I got my former number back and some £££ for the inconvenience.  So, it can be done!  Good luck!

RIC9380 🙂



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Re: Digital Voice - Lost my phone number on transfer

Hi @michaeltinton sorry that you've lost your number moving over to Digital Voice.

In these cases, I would say to call the FTTP team on 08005874787. They deal with FTTP and Digital Voice and are in the best position to advise you if it is possible or not and arrange it for you if it can be done.


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Re: Digital Voice - Lost my phone number on transfer

John, would it be possible for the Mods to put up a FAQ about number porting? I only ask because the number of customers asking is obviously on the rise and there do appear to be conflicting reply's given to customers about the ability to keep their old numbers.
I did lose mine, was told after countless calls, it was 100% impossible to get it back, yet others have continued fighting and appear they HAVE got their number back, months later.
A one stop thread about the issue might be helpful.
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