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Scam Phone Call???

Not sure where to put this, but please be aware...

I have just received a telephone call, which went to answer phone, supposedly a BT number (01536720551) informing me that my internet will be disconnected within the next 24-48 hours due to illegal activity.  Press 1 to speak to their Executive, Press 2 to speak to their Technical Executive!

Love to know what illegal activity I've been up to...dread to think 🤔😁

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Re: Scam Phone Call???

That's why I posted a suggestion today that BT call protect should work on the basis of a Whitelist rather than a Blacklist. I fully expect some to disagree with me but I'd be quite happy for my contacts list to automatically be added to my whitelist and all other calls to be automatically rejected.

A thank you is nice, it makes the effort worthwhile, but a kudo is better, by a country mile. (I'm no poet & boy don't I know it)
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