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Another not achieving higher speeds.

Hi Folks,

I'm not sure what my issue is? I'm on the 900 package, but I'm only achieving around 100 max.

It has worked above 800 before then dropped for no reason I can ascertain. About two months ago it went back up, but now it's back down again. It doesn't seem to occur around update times. KeE0ef1sXS.png


As you can see I have gigabit network and cat 6 cabling in the house. It's a newbuild so had it cabled from the off. Wall sockets and all. Had a word with the onsite sparky, who did the work.



uTorrent sample⬆️

JDownloader sample ⬇️



I have a laptop that achieves 800+ with the same cable in the same socket, so I know it's something to do with my desktop, by logical elimination. Theoretically I should get a max of around 112 MiB/s for my 900 package.

All my drivers are up-to-date.

That's about the sum of my knowledge when it comes to networking.

Any help greatly appreciated


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Re: Another not achieving higher speeds.

ookla. This is the usual type of figure I get.mXinUAmcmw.png

I've no idea if this is any good:



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Re: Another not achieving higher speeds.


Check that your desktop Ethernet card is actually connecting at Gigabit speeds. Its not unknown for auto negotiate to fall back  to lower physical connection speeds, especially on a long cable. It can also cause it to toggle between full and half duplex, which will slow things down. 

The download speed you are getting would indicate 100mb actual Ethernet speed.

Hardware variations can result in the Ethernet Link pulse getting corrupted. You may be able to overcome the problem by adding a 1Gb Ethernet Switch between the end of the cable, and the desktop, as that should correct any timing issues.


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Re: Another not achieving higher speeds.


Thanks for the reply. I've fitted a new cable that I had spare from when we moved in. No difference.

Id say the in-wall cable is like to be around 40ft, whilst socket to PC is 1m cable. Nothing too long I would have thought.

When you talk about half anf full duplex, do you mean this:


I tried full duplex 1gb just too see. It was set to auto negotiate already. No difference.

I'm guessing that possibly just leaves an error on the nic on the motherboard. I can pick up a card for pennies really on Amazon. Unless of course I'm missing some other possible esoteric settings somewhere.

As I said, I understand a few networking terms and am loathe to change more than one setting at a time as I could really mess things up and have no idea on what I've done. Just consider me dumber than the dumbest thing in a room of dumb things when it comes to this side of PCs.

I tried reading that wiki you sent, but whoosh, ADHD said NO! Not shinyenough! I understand at a high level what duplexing is. But feel not interested at that level of detail.

Start me on data analysis and I will go down rabbit holes all day long.  But notworking?!?

Thanks again,




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Re: Another not achieving higher speeds.

I am assuming that the desktop is fast enough to cope with a higher speed? Many older computers are not capable of coping with the throughput.

It could be the network card, but personally I would try adding an Ethernet switch at the desktop end, as they are quite good at sorting timing issues out on the end of a cable.

Like this one

Cost about £15. It would also give you extra Ethernet ports at the desktop end, if you needed to plug in another device.


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