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BT Hybrid Connect has stopped working.

About a week ago my BT Hybrid stopped working flashing red.

To be clear I don't have Halo + I bought the BT Hybrid and placed a working sim inside and unplugged landline and purely run off the 4g sim which has ran for over a year without issue.

I have bought a new Bt Hybird hub thinking it was at fault but it too will not work.

I have done a factory reset on both the smart hub and the BT Hybrid hub and connected by ethernet.  I get a blue connection light on hybrid hub for about 5 minutes before it turns white.  Reading online this may be updating the firmware I have left this overnight and the white light remains.  I have tried on both the old and new hybrid hubs and both now stay white.

Looking for suggestions on how to get this working again or is it time to can BT and get a proper 4g Router?

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