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BT Smart Hub 2 Ping spikes+packet loss



Currently having issues with the smart hub 2 where I cant do anything requiring stable low ping, this is due to the ping spiking to up to 1000+ ms and having regular packet loss of 50%-80%


Here is pingplotter 



here is pingtest by



Noticing that packet loss is starting from the first and third bounce, being the router and (im assuming but not 100%) the exchange near me.

Ive tried everything from turning off ipv6, to port forwarding, to disabling 5ghz .

Cant use ethernet due to the master socket being across the house, but doubt it would change much considering where the packet loss seems to originate

Rang up BTs tech team to be told they could do nothing about the issues but to try port forwarding, bit **bleep** that im expected to have to resort to that to get a stable connection (doesnt help at all either)

Any suggestions to try to fix this before I change service provider to one that can provide a usable service?



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