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BT Smarthub 2 and Google nest wifi pro not working

I currently am using a Smarthub 2 as my modem and a TPLink mesh network inside the home for wifi. This works but is slow and has frequest lock-ups due to the hubs being poor (nothing to do with BT). I just bought three Google mesh wifi pro routers and am having a lot of problems getting the nest router to connect to the Smarthub 2.

Two questions please:

1. Has anyone tried this setup and got it to work?

2. I called BT support and they recommended i set the IP of the nest hub as the IP in the DMZ, I did this and still got the same response - the setup in google home begins but dies when it's trying to create the wifi network.

Thanks in advance... 

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Re: BT Smarthub 2 and Google nest wifi pro not working

Cant say ive used Google Nest before but if possible I wouldnt be using any routing functions on the Google Devices if I wanted to keep the BT Hub2.

Switch off the WIFI on the Hub2 but leave all the rest of it switched on as if it were the only router, DHCP etc etc. Then connect the 'Master' Google Nest device to the BTHub and just use the Nest for WIFI and not any 'Router' type functions.

However, as the Google Nest is a router you should be able to remove the BT Hub all together and this would be my recommended choice unless you are using a digital voice service etc.....

WAN settings - Google Nest Help

If you have FTTP just connect the google next directly to the ONT then setup a PPPOE connection in the WAN settings:



Password: BT

Then you can use the Google Nest as your only router then, no worries about NAT or managing two devices, it will all be Google.

Im not 100% sure if the same will work with a copper broadband service as Google say you need to have a modem, which in effect is what the ONT is when you have FTTP, but others may be able to correct me, I have no modern experience with copper based broadband as I had cable for 10 years prior to going FTTP.

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Re: BT Smarthub 2 and Google nest wifi pro not working

Thank you for the reply, i absolutely wish i didn't have voice and could eliminate the smarthub. Anyhow, i had been struggling for way too long with this until... For no real reason than it seemed worth a try I  factory reset both the nest router and the smarthub 2 and finally switched to using an android phone to do the setup. Those three things together seemed to be the charm and it just worked, no settings to change, nothing, just worked. So frustrating but finally happy to have a mesh wifi that is working. 

All the best...

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