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BT Whole Home disc disconnects at 9:30pm every day

We have 3 BT While Home discs through our bungalow, one in the middle of the house and one at each end. The one at the end of the house furthest from the hub disconnects every day at 9:30pm on the dot. It goes red for a few seconds, then starts flashing blue, then solid blue and connected again.

At the point when it disconnects, the BT hub and disc in the middle of the house are still blue and connected. I haven’t confirmed the other disc at the other end of the house yet.

Any ideas or things to check?

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Re: BT Whole Home disc disconnects at 9:30pm every day


How are the two "remote" discs, (not the one connected directly to the Hub router by ethernet cable), connected. Also by ethernet cable, or wirelessly?

Is the disk that loses connectivity in the vicinity of something that could be causing radio interference at 9:30pm every day? eg microwave oven, central heating timer etc.

Do you personally, or anyone else in your household, do something "religiously" at that time every evening? eg turn on the light in a particular room etc.




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Re: BT Whole Home disc disconnects at 9:30pm every day

The 2 remote discs are both wirelessly connected, only the one next to the hub is connected via Ethernet.

The one that is disconnecting is at the far end of the house and the only thing electronic near it is a Samsung tv and soundbar. The tv is connected to the soundbar via Wi-Fi and that was when we first notified the disc disconnecting because the tv was losing it’s connection to the soundbar.

There’s nothing else we’e aware of in our house that is in a timer at 9:30pm, but it could be one of the neighbours?

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