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BT have sent me a EE Smart Hub WiFI Plus, and 3 BT discs (black) why?


totally confused here!

Upgraded to Full Fibre 900 with BT Halo 3+ as they offered it at the same monthly charge when we had issues with our old BT HUB. 

As part of the deal they said they would send out a SmartHub 2, three BT discs (black) and arrange for an engineer to set things up. 

Anyway, kit arrived a day later than the engineer; however, the engineer issued and set up a SmartHub 2 as per original order shown in MyBT

I then receive a EE Smart WiFi Plus with three BT discs (black). I have no account with EE and so I can't use the app the suggest I use to set up the EE Smart WiFi Plus ... 

Any ideas? 

Should I just set up the three discs with the BT SmartHub 2?

Also, BT support weren't very helpful when I asked them!! 


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Re: BT have sent me a EE Smart Hub WiFI Plus, and 3 BT discs (black) why?

This must be a ‘benefit’ of paying the extra money for Halo 3+ on a 900 Meg connection.

The EE router is WiFi6 capable so will let you make most use of your higher broadband speed whereas the Smart Hub 2 is only WiFi 5.

So if I were you I’d switch over the router and you may be able to manage it through the BT app.

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