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BTHub6a Firmware update 26-02-2023

I have a problem that has started since my BTHub6a got a Firmware update on the 26th Feb 2023. Since the update, my Android Tablets and Phones are no longer able to connect to my remote hard drive. My remote Hard Drive is a WD Passport ultra (1TB), it is plugged into the USB port in the back of my router. 

Prior to the update I was, via the "File Manage +" App, to access all my files on the Passport on all my Android kit including three tablets and two phones. Since the Update I get the message "Cannot Connect to BTHUB". I have tried different File Manager Apps and I get the same message. I have tried Android help pages and I can confirm that I am doing everything correctly and that the File Manager setting is correct.  I have contacted the "File Manager +" support and they have checked and found that the fault is with the Router Settings Fault. 

Does anyone know a way around this problem?



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Re: BTHub6a Firmware update 26-02-2023

Hi ChrisN56

Just saw your post. Have you sorted it yet? I have exactly the same problem. I have a usb stick plugged into the usb port which I was able to access from my Windows network and my Android phone and tablet......until the Feb firmware update. Since then I can only access it via Windows. All attemps to access it via File manager + on my phone and tablets have failed at the username/password request.

Does anybody have an answer to this? And are there any other users having the same problem?





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Re: BTHub6a Firmware update 26-02-2023

Hi Oldguy1

The problem is with the new software in the router. I had to try Halo for a month then cancel. Doing this they sent me the latest router that worked. That said I then had to upgrade to Windows 11. This also blocked the USB drive but this could be over come by installing the driver manually on the Windows 11 computer.

I hope this helps



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