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Broadband issues

We are having issues with broadband after a new iPhone was delivered for my husband and put on our BB network. The iPad and Apple laptop belonging to my husband are now unable to connect to the Home BB.  It was fine before the new iPhone arrived!

Does anyone think it’s anything to do with the Apple products?  Are they in some way linked?


I have a Leveno PC and IPAD and there are no issues with my set up.


Any suggestions?  Sorry it is a weird one.

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Re: Broadband issues

I find it unlikely that the IPhone is having any impact on the joinability of BB. I would suggest, if you haven't already resetting your homehub; Logging onto your homehub locally by:

1. Open a new web browser.
2. Type into the address bar.
3. Removing the IPhone as a 'known'/learnt device.

If you continue to have issue, I would suggest contacting the BT and requesting further investigation into the HomeHub.
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Re: Broadband issues


Try a factory reset of the home hub,

Its possible that the home hub has run out of internal connections, a very common issue if you have devices that are using random MAC addresses. You can probably see lots of "unknown device" entries in the home hub connections list.

A factory reset clears this list, but eventually it will happen again unless you avoid using MAC randomisation (Private Addressing ) on your home wireless connection.

This is mainly a problem with Apple devices and later Android versions.


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