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Bt complete wifi disc query

Hi everyone,

Confused on something and hope you can help.We have fibre to the property.Speeds are good when the Smarthub 2 behaves,average 140-150 speeds up and downstairs.WiFi coverage however in one room,sons bedroom was a bit patchy so received a black complete Wifi disc to help.Setup was fine and my son decided to use Ethernet connection from the disc to his PlayStation 4 for reliability and best speeds.

However the reverse has happened,speeds downstairs are still the same but upstairs they are around 70 and so is the PlayStation despite being wired.

I know what you’re going to say,it’s the PlayStation, but why, it’s only another device connected to the network,this is what I don’t understand.

On the router homepage the disc is connected to the 5ghz band.

Any help would be appreciated to shut my son up😀





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Re: Bt complete wifi disc query

Hi @hammerjeff67   There is no point putting the complete wifi disc in a room that has patchy wifi. It needs to be placed half way between the router and the room.

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Re: Bt complete wifi disc query

@VeteranISPUser Thanks for that mate,just thought if it was hardwired to the disc it would maintain the speed.The speed was never compromised upstairs,the WiFi in my sons bedroom occasionally dropped for a while as it’s furthest from the hub.

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Re: Bt complete wifi disc query

Connecting the PS5 to the disc by cable will only improve the connectivity between those two devices, it will do nothing to boost the connection between the hub and the disc.

Is the light on the disk blue? if not then you need to move the disc closer to the hub until it is.

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Re: Bt complete wifi disc query

Yes it’s blue,solid blue since connecting a week ago.

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Re: Bt complete wifi disc query

Ok, assuming that the Wi-Fi link between the hub and the disc is good (the solid blue light) try:-

Change DNS on your PS5
This is known to help some people out and just requires tweaking the settings of your PS5. It has been reported that changing your DNS settings to use Google's DNS server increases PS5 download speed. If you want to give it a try, follow our steps below:

From the PS5's home menu, go to the "Settings" on the top right (the cog wheel symbol) in between the search icon and your profile icon.
Go to the "Network" option.
From the Network screen, go down to Settings then choose "Set Up Internet Connection".
Select the network connection you're already and press Options, which will give you an option to go to "Advanced Settings".
In Advanced Settings, use the following settings, with the DNS being the key things to note:
IP Address Settings = Automatic
DHCP Host Name = Don't Specify
DNS Settings = Manual
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Proxy Server: Don't Use
MTU Settings: Automatic

With these settings changed, turn off your PS5 and then turn it on again. Hopefully you'll notice improved PS5 download speeds.

Reference: How to increase PS5 download speed and get faster PSN downloads | VG247