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Connecting complete wifi disc(s) to SH2 via Ethernet cable

I live in a 1900s house with the associated WiFi problems, which I have addressed with a Smart Hub2 and number of BT Complete WiFi (black) discs. Where possible, I have connected the discs back to the Smart Hub using ethernet. The other discs then negotiate a connection with the rest of the network. It works and when it works I have excellent speed anywhere in the house.

However, I am chasing a problem wherein occasionally devices would connect to our WiFi network, but would not get an internet connection.

I have been advised that if a disc was connected to the SH2 by any form of ethernet (switches, Powerline, direct cable), the disc would not form part of a mesh but would become a single WiFi node and that this was causing “WiFi congestion”.  I had previously understood that connecting via ethernet was advantageous, giving a high-speed back-haul for the relevant disc.

Can anyone confirm or refute the advice that I have been given?

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Re: Connecting complete wifi disc(s) to SH2 via Ethernet cable

I have a 1930's house, I have 6 internal WIFI access points, its a nightmare....

Best thing with any WIFI system is to connect it back via ethernet….backhaul, in fact using MESH, IE a disc connecting to another one via WIFI causes more interference.

If you have these black disks connected to powerline they maybe dropping their physical connection, I had the wholehome disks and if Ethernet was present to a switch it wouldn’t always switch to MESH if the backend dropped for some reason. Long time ago I tried powerlines, absolutely dreadful on my wiring.

Recently I spent time putting Ethernet throughout my house, was a complete pain keeping it all hidden considering the makeup of these houses in the UK but so worth it!

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