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FTTP issues - 900mb (SH2 & Deco)

Hi guys,

Had 900mb in a new build flat the past 2 years, no issues at all, everything nice and fast, 600mb speeds on my MacBook Pro over wifi, even with my other half working at the same time. 

Moved to a house down the road with the same service, line activated Monday and despite every little attempt at getting faster speeds in the new place, struggling with wifi speeds massively, I'm round the corner from the hub in an office room and can't get faster than 300mb over wifi now, the upload is 100mb as expected however on both the SH2 and the deco. 

Just gone out and bought TP Link Deco AX3000 - X55 (x3) and still not much better although slightly better than the SH2 performance in certain rooms as I'd expect. 

Using the BT Speed Checker, it says the line is getting 881mb down, 100mb up which is fine and that I can expect, but the speeds are drastically different from what the line is getting. Older house I appreciate but even standing next to the routers in the room I can't get about 400/450. 

Pulling my hair out here, I'm close to being out of contract and considering switching to Virgin Gig1 instead to see if that would be any better.  

FTTP is plugged into the router (either) directly via a LAN cable from the new little white box installed, afaik nothing else has to be plugged into this? 

The Deco I just supplied the info using PPPOE so the usual login, but didn't configure anything else. 


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Re: FTTP issues - 900mb (SH2 & Deco)

What tasks can you no longer do?

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Re: FTTP issues - 900mb (SH2 & Deco)

It's not to do with tasks as such - It's more the speed drop off, I'm noticing much slower downloads of larger files, games taking longer to download updates across gaming.

Shows on Sky taking longer to download, just doesn't feel the 900mb speeds are a thing anymore, if they don't go higher than 500 is it even worth having?
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Re: FTTP issues - 900mb (SH2 & Deco)

To make the best of what you have, download a WiFi analyser & manually set your WiFi channels to the least congested. But if you want to maximise the connection then the only way is ethernet. Even with the latest WiFi 6e there are just too many possible environmental issues to get in the way of high speed WiFi.

As for is a 900Mb connection worth having? I'd say for the vast majority of people, no.