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Full Fibre 900 - Wifi improvement.

Like in many homes, my master sockets are in the hallway.  Perching on the stairs with a laptop and cat6 cable shows I'm getting a scorching 930Mb speed on my broadband. But the BT Smart Hub 2 doesn't support Wifi6 the best wifi speed I can get is 400Mb, so that's less than half the speed.  That's achieved by holding my smartphone right next to the Hub.  The reality is that , even though I live on my own in a small house, the Xbox Series X, PS4, Smart TV, and everything else gets to about 300mb at best.  


But it gets worse.  I picked up a set of 1.3Gb powerline adaptors, but these were slower than Wifi.  The guy in the store told me that with all powerline adaptors you're doing well if you get speeds a third of the advertised speed. 


So I picked up a TP link mesh system. three nodes, and because the house is so small I get no inprovemts even if I use 1, 2 or all 3.  Even with the three nodes I got speeds that were slower than the Hubs own wifi.

So it seems that wifi just isn't up to the task of giving me anything close to 930Mb.   I don't expect miracles and I knew when I ordered the package that Wifi isn't as good as wired.  But it seems strange to me that there are so many choices of routers, mesh kits etc, all promising these 1.3Gb speeds. There are so many kits to eliminate blank spots in the home, but is there anything I can do to get better speeds over wifi?  I'm using 1200ac wireless dongles, and modern console like the Xbox Series X. Surely I should be able to get more than 300Mb as standard? 

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - Wifi improvement.


So it seems that wifi just isn't up to the task of giving me anything close to 930Mb.

That about sums it up. Have a read here of how misleading WiFi specs are. Powerlines are even worse.

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Re: Full Fibre 900 - Wifi improvement.

Wired is always best when it comes to reliability and throughput.

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