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It's finally going to be here.

As this is most commonally asked here I thought it the right place, move if necessary.

It appears the SM3 with WiFi2 mesh system will be released in July this year.

At launch, the SH3 and CWF2 will be offered as standard on BT’s premium broadband tiers (Full Fibre) for new customers and also upgrades (regrades). Obviously WiFi6 protocol but don't expect much more than 500Mb over WiFi.

Will update as  I know more.

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Re: It's finally going to be here.

Thats really good news, thankd for the update, while the SH2 is good it does need this new update to SH3 to cope with the higher speeds offered by FTTP. Suprised that Wifi 6 is limited to 500mbps when it should be able to get over the 1gbps range, maybe 500 is the stay fast.


Though early info and likely more tech specs will come out later on, like does it support backhaul, Wifi 6 release 2 etc

I'm looking forward to the new kit and hope that I can get it as an exchange for my SH2 (on Halo 3 900)

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Re: It's finally going to be here.

this just expands on @pippincp  post

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Re: It's finally going to be here.

I’m not sure they quite mean what they say about 500mbps as that would be very poor performance on the WiFi side.
I hit just over 700Mbps on a iPad Pro 2021 version on WiFi 5 at max QAM at times on my main router and around  600 on most of my other WiFi 5 wave 2 routers. On WiFi 6 at 80Mhz at best 856 on some of the WiFi 6 routers I have so I’m wondering if he means wan to lan due to processor and services. You see this a lot where the bottle neck is the cpu handling services.