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Moving from Virgin - Part 2, TV

As per my previous thread, looking at moving over to BT from Virgin. However, on doing some investigating it seems I may have problems using the TV Pro box with my Eero 5 network.

Current setup for TV is: Wall socket > Splitter > Virgin TV box

Current setup for Wifi is: Wall socket > Splitter > Virgin router (modem mode) > Eero 5

I then have a NAS and Hue hub connected to the Eero output port via an Ethernet switch.

Ideally I'd just connect the ONT to the Eero and then connect BTTV box via the Ethernet switch, but have read this could be a problem due to Eero not supporting TVIP(?).

I understand the BT Hub doesn't have a modem/bridge mode, so could I do the following?

ONT > SH2 - Disable WiFi

SH2 port 1 to Eero > Ethernet switch > NAS / Hue Hub

SH2 port 2 to BTTV Box via Ethernet

My TV is a 2022 Sony Android with all of the usual apps (inc. Now TV). Is there a BTTV app that could be used instead of the box? I could then just connect via WiFi to the Eero and do away with the SH2. Obviously I don't expect this for free and am fine with a BTTV subscription.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Moving from Virgin - Part 2, TV

BT TV uses Multicast, Eero does not support multicast.

The apps would all still function correctly but I would expect that you would see the error IPC6023 when trying to watch anything you select from the EPG

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Re: Moving from Virgin - Part 2, TV

Yeah, that's what I'd read.

Would my option of using the SH2 with wifi turned off work?

The other option is to replace the Eero network (I've only got 2 devices) and just use the SH2, or get some BT discs.

*EDIT* A third option would be to turn off the SH2 wifi and put the Eeros in bridge mode. This would save me the price of the BT discs.


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Re: Moving from Virgin - Part 2, TV

If you go Digital Voice for your landline then you will need the SH2 and the last option (using the Error in bridge mode) is probably the best one

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Re: Moving from Virgin - Part 2, TV


DV (or any landline) not required.

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