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Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help

Hi all first post be gentle. 

I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to do and have searched a few topics but different solves have confused me so I am here to ask my own Question.

I have a Netgear Xr1000 still in box. I have a couple of gamer kids and wanted a wifi 6 upgrade so plumped for this one. I have Bt Fibre 2 and a smart hub 2.

I am unfamiliar with terminology so i'll keep it simple for my own sake lol. The smarthub is connected by a cable that plugs into a white box which plugs into the phone socket. I assume this is DSL of some sort. 

So how do i connect the XR1000 to the smarthub to access the Netgear software (Duma 3.0 I think it is) 

I wanted the DSL Asus but it was out of stock so can i run an ethernet cable from the smarthub to the XR1000? Be gentle please some of the solves were over the top with terminology for me 😄 

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Re: Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help

Tell the kids to stop wasting your money, that device is total overkill. There is absolutely no point in having WiFi6 if you only have Fibre 2. You can only achieve the speed of the slowest link which will be your broadband.

The XR1000 is just a router so can't be connected directly to the phone line and connecting it to the hub just to get WiFi6 is way over the top and requires a certain amount of network knowledge to configure.

If the 'white box' you refer to is a DSL modem, you can connect the XR1000 directly to that and eliminate the hub.

Post a picture of the 'white box' and we can advise further.

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Re: Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help

Thanks for replying.

It was a gifr for xmas as our second house is fibre to the house so it will be used there eventually but for now they want the Duma OS to geo fence etc so they can have it to shut them up for now 🙂

The white box is not a modem it's just a dsl filter or what looks like one
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Re: Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help

Had to hard crop the photo lol its not a bad photo just zoomed in for size reasons - no time to reduce that size 😄 

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 16.32.19.png

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Re: Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help

In which case you have a choice.

Either you can connect it to the hub LAN port to WAN port which will give you 2 networks and will cause double natting which the gaming fraternity don't like, or you can simply use the XR1000 as a wireless access point by connecting LAN port to LAN port.

For the first option, set the XR1000 subnet to be in the range and give the WAN port an IP address of and gateway and connect the WAN port to any LAN port on the BT hub.

For the second option, give the XR1000 an IP address of and turn off its DHCP server. Connect any of its LAN ports to any LAN port on the BT hub.

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Re: Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help


Thanks for taking your time to reply. 

Appreciate it - Happy New year

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Re: Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help


Where do i assign the ip address please?

I have managed to connect the xr1000 lan to lan and do all the firmware on that one but when i try to add an ip address to it on the hub manager it says its static so when i try to do it on the xr1000 its asking for IP subnet mask and gateway ip address

Help please lol

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Re: Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help

You will need to assign the IP address on the XR1000 management page, not on the Hub.





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Re: Netgear XR1000 v Smarthub 2 help

Thanks 🙂
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