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Newbie disc setup questions

Previously I had virgin hub setup in modem mode, with the WiFi disabled and then 4 BT discs either connected to ethernet or on the WiFi.

I've just moved to BT and the installer wanted to place the hub in a different location.

So, I first connected up the hub and had over 500Mbps on the speed test 

I then changed the hubs network name and password to match the old virgin hub (now switched off) so existing devices and family could connect to it without having to change things. This worked fine 

I started adding the BT discs which I reset. They created they're own network based on their out of the box settings. (I did think that connecting then to the BT hub in setup either pickup the newly charged network. But no problem.)

After setting up 2 discs I decided to rename the BT discs network to that of the hub so devices and family can connect to it, I also switched off the WiFi on the hub as advised so there wouldn't be a clash 


I am now online on my phone, however.

1) The whole home App says it can't find any discs even though that's what I'm connected to.

2) The BT hub admin page shows the WiFi disabled but it also shows the disc disabled.

3) The speed had dropped off to is than 80Mbps.


So give brain, thoughts on what I have done wrong.

Should I have disabled the WiFi on the hub so not too clash with the discs? ( I thought as both at BT devices they would play nice together.)

Why does the hub ady page should the discs as disabled? It's attached by ethernet so should be seeing it 


Only 1 disc is wired so far as I ran out of tune.

I do have other discs to setup up on the home ethernet and wirelessly where there isn't a cabled but I have paused until I get the basics done.

Any thoughts welcome, thanks 

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Re: Newbie disc setup questions

A summary question of the above is

When you have setup the Hub 2 and the Whole Home Discs AND you have changed the Discs network name and password  to that of the Hub, can you leave the Hub on to act as a Disc for wider wi-fi coverage

BT advise you don't need to turn off the Hub, but this is when the Disc and Hub have different network names.

My thoughts are, if you can run the 1st disc a long way from the Hub, then the Hub can provide Wi-fi coverage in that part of the house.
But is my approach a good idea?

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Re: Newbie disc setup questions

The whole home discs won't form a mesh with the hub. I would recommend giving them a different network name at the very least or possibly turn off the hub WiFi altogether.