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Packet loss for almost two months now

Hi everyone.

Since just under two months ago there has been constant packet loss on our internet connection which is causing problems with online gaming ranging from lag to complete disconnections although the actual line itself hasnt dropped causing router to reset from what we have seen, its full fibre up to the cabinet in the local village about half a mile away then copper to house.  Download and upload speeds are the same as they have always been and no problems. The others in the house including the account holder dont do gaming, just streaming which doesnt seem to have any problems.


It has been fine for many years but started end of november.. we thought it was due to the storm around that time, so we have called BT twice and had 2 engineer visits, one BT and one Openreach, and both ran tests for 15+ mins, the first visit found noise but sorted that out, and the second fixed changed the master socket to near the router and fixed a ppp issue with the router, and then ran more tests and said everything is fine now, home to cabinet tests having zero issues.


The problem persists though, making me wonder if its a problem outside our property... I ran a pingplotter and multiple tracer route tests to same location, results below, the plotter is constant loss from hop 2 to the end, with some static points being a constant issue.. im not an expert on what the hops are except the first being in the house from what I understand, if anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Packet loss for almost two months now

+1 on this.  I experience the same conditions.  Prior to December flawless connection.  Since December the experience on games and video calling applications has been woeful due to packet latency jittering.

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Re: Packet loss for almost two months now

Same here - Watching Netflix etc. was OK , but working from home using teams etc. I couldn't use camera or do screen sharing/presenting any more . All since around the same time.

I presumed it was due to my upgrade to Halo3 around the same time .

I was using an openreach modem and Tenda Mesh (which has been working fine for me for 2 years previously)

Anyway - I ended up getting a Billion 8800NLR2 modem/router - still using the Tenda for wifi (but now in bridge mode rather than PPPoE) and it's resolved my issue completely.

I've also got decent DHCP and DNS servers now into the bargain 🙂

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