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Philips Hue Bridge not connecting to Smart Hub 2!

Hi there, I have just moved into my new apartment and am trying to connect a brand new Philips Hue Bridge to my Smart Hub 2. The bridge is powered and connected correctly, however the third light indicating wifi connection just endlessly flashes.

I have tried resetting the hub and bridge numerous times, using a different ethernet cable, using a different ethernet port, disabling the 5Ghz band on my network, turning off my firewall, and even buying another Hue Bridge to rule out a technical fault. BT have also sent out a home tech expert and an engineer, both of whom were completely unhelpful.

I've turned to google and reddit for solutions but can't find anyone with the same issue. All my other devices are connecting to my wifi just fine and the Hue Bridge is simply a plug and play product so I'm at a complete loss.

I've been tearing my hair out over this for almost two weeks now so this is my last resort! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as BT's helpline and engineers offer no solutions.

Thanks all! Harry

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Re: Philips Hue Bridge not connecting to Smart Hub 2!


I have the same issue did you fix it if so how?

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Re: Philips Hue Bridge not connecting to Smart Hub 2!

I presume that WiFi is irrelevant for The Hue bridge - ours is Ethernet only but your posting seems to imply yours might use WiFi.

One problem seen with some equipment is the auto-negotiation of the Ethernet connection  speed fails. Often the simplest solution to this problem is to introduce a switch between the Router and the Bridge as the switch can often negotiate properly with both. However, Phillips say to connect the Hue directly to the router, and we found with ours that when using a low end switch there were problems that did not occur when directly connected to the router.

Trying a switch to establish whether the problem is the Ethernet connection might be worthwhile to establish exactly what the problem is, though may just move the problem elsewhere but at least you will know whether the Ethernet connection can be made to work. We are using a HH6 not an SH2.

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Re: Philips Hue Bridge not connecting to Smart Hub 2!

The Hue hub must use an ethernet cable to connect to either the hub or an ethernet port on a Wi-Fi  access point. There is a Wi-Fi chip on the Hue Hub circuit board but currently it is disabled.  There are instructions on the web about how to root the Hue hub and thus enable the Wi-Fi chip but use them at your own risk, I don’t think it’s easy for the average user. I plug mine into a BT Back disc, works well.

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Re: Philips Hue Bridge not connecting to Smart Hub 2!

I should add that the Hue Bridge connects ‘wirelessly’ with lights using Zigbee, which is a narrow band, multi channel system that allows greater wireless ranges. While it operates in the same band as the 2.4 GHz signals generated by ‘Wi-Fi’ routers and access points, Zigbee devices cannot connect directly with Wi-Fi routers and access points, as they use different transmission standards.

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Re: Philips Hue Bridge not connecting to Smart Hub 2!

I too am struggling with this. Details:
- Hue bridge v2 (square with rounded edges, centre top button, 3 lights)
- BT Smart Hub 2
- Hue bridge connected with Ethernet via NetGear 5 port Switch.
Intermittently, the 'Internet' light goes out on the Hue Bridge resulting in no communication to the bulbs. Also unable to use Alex to command/control bulbs.
Bulbs don't switch on/off as per Alexa routines
Voice commands don't work

I've tried 2 Hue Bridges. Both same issues.

Looks like I should try connecting the Hue Bridge directly to the Smart Hub (avoiding the NetGear Switch.
Any other advice welcome.
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Re: Philips Hue Bridge not connecting to Smart Hub 2!


I plugged my Hue bridge directly into my Home Hub (instead of Netgear switch) and it has worked without fault since.

In short, don't connect a Hue Bridge to a network switch. 

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