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Ping spike

Hi All,

I have issue I am looking support with. I have Fibre 2 with BT.  I am playing FIFA 23 on PS4 connected with router by cable received from BT in the welcome package.

When I test my connection on PS4 always shows decent download and upload which is good.

Before the actual game online start I can see ping which is usually from 12-24ms, however during the game it visibly spike to be higher for entire match, making game unpleasant. It does happen regularly and persist since purchased ps4.

I have to admit that it never happen to me on any internet provider I’ve used in my FIFA career and I am playing since FIFA18. On the cable connection is always stable and gameplay is normal, but not here. To add to that, doesn’t change the fact if anyone using or not using internet at all

please could you help me to resolve?

to add to that PS4 stands next to the router and router is connected to master socket.

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Re: Ping spike

Try changing your ethernet cable 

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