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Please help an idiot! IP, MAC addresses, DCHP, etc

I'm not even sure I'm posting this on the correct board, goes...

I've been trying to rename all the different devices on my network so I can keep tabs on what's attached to my wifi. I did it just fine at my last home, even ditching the devices of visitors (eg, Joe Bloggs mobile), but I'm really struggling this time. I have BT Halo 2 if that makes a difference.

Anyway, I installed a bunch of LED wifi controlled light strips, which, unlike my Hive, have their own MAC addresses (Hive having one MAC address for the hub that controls several devices, but which Halo 2 decided was a Sky Q Mini!) My partner tested his X Box to see which devices lit up, and...many! While the X Box was playing Wreckfest, the LED strip lights suddenly decided they were uploading 45mb or so each, and 3 new 'Unknown' devices appeared in the list of devices. the LED strips all have the blue D on the icon and one has a 'no entry' type sign next to the IP address. I can't get my head around why a lighting strip would be uploading data unless it's some sort of spy hardware - which I very much doubt. It isn't just the LED strips that have shown data on the device list; my Nintendo Switch showed data uploading and downloading even though it was not switched on.

I'm just not getting this. Does the X Box borrow something from the other devices without being set up to do so? I really need someone to help my poor brain get to grips with what's happening on my network. I'm not a Luddite, ut I'm pretty much illiterate when it comes to tech.

Thanks for reading!

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