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Problem with two devices

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I have a smart hub 2, one complete wifi disc and a bttv pro box. I also have Halo 3. All has worked well for several months.

However, whilst the smart hub is still working correctly, the disc and the tv box are not. In particular the disc is constantly flashing red suggesting that it is not paired with the smart hub. Initially I simply rebooted it but that made no difference. Next I treated it as a new disc and connected it to the smart hub to set it up again. Whilst connected to the smart hub it showed solid blue as it should.  However, once disconnected from the smart hub it shows flashing red.  Does this mean the disc is faulty.

The tv box is totally unresponsive to the remote. I have rebooted several times and changed the batteries in the remote, but nothing makes any difference. It doesn't switch itself off after a few hours and I cannot get into settings to reset it. Is there anything else I can ty?

Finally, I think I might get a tech expert out as part of my Halo 3 benefit, but I can't see how to book an appointment. Any guidance would be gratefully received.

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Re: Problem with two devices

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By way of an update in case it helps anyone else, I decided, more in hope than expectation, to restart the smart hub, and that has cured both problems. I have no idea why that should be, as the smart hub was the one piece of the jig saw that did not appear to have any problem. I don't suppose that I will ever know what the cause of the problems was, but at least it is all sorted.

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