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RJ45 wiring for adsl


Hi. I need to rewire my broadband socket after some building works. I have the two wires but which of these terminals do I need to connect them to? Many thanks for any help.

At the master, I have the two green wires connected to A and B.  

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Re: RJ45 wiring for adsl

I think you may need to explain a bit more about what exactly you are trying to do.

If it is telephone cable, attaching an RJ45 is a bit like trying to put a bicycle tyre on a car.

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Re: RJ45 wiring for adsl

The coloured labels tell you which colour goes where but the A and B got to 2 and 5.

If you have a wired extension then the Orange/White going to the extension socket goes to 3 for the ringer circuit, that is assuming that the job has been done correctly but you don't need to bother with that if using cordless phones 

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Re: RJ45 wiring for adsl

Ken W,

TL:DR  I would try the pair connected at the master socket to the connections marked Blue.

It really depends on what equipment you are plugging into it (- you may be able to see which positions are used through the clear plug -) and how the cable at the other end is wired into the Master Socket.  Usually the 'phone/ADSL signal is on the 2 centre pins of a RJ45 (or RJ11/12 ) and is marked as the Blue pair on the socket punch down (T568A or B) . Note also that at the Master socket you should be connected to the outgoing  connections labelled as 2 and 5 - (A/B are on the incoming/Openreach side)

As an aside, that's the first RJ45 I've seen labelled with "Pair" numbers rather than pin numbers.   


Hope this helps,


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Re: RJ45 wiring for adsl

Many thanks for the help. Indeed, the pair numbers on the RJ45 faceplate is what is confusing me - rather than 1 to 8. So hard to know what are the two central pins. 

I’ll try the two blue pins. 

I’ve got the correct wires (I think from the extension), just need to be able to plug in my BT Home Hub to get the broadband from the more conveniently placed extension (rather than master). 

I’ll report back…

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Re: RJ45 wiring for adsl

I have master socket which then splits at the faceplate into separate BT and adsl sockets - works fine, but I don’t want my kit at the master socket (as in bedroom). 

I have extension socket in another room - wired from master as 2/5 to BT faceplate (phone working there) and A/B going to adsl faceplate but I have 8 pins I could use there to connect it. 

So fingers crossed I try the blue pins marked 1 blue and 1 blue/white. 

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Re: RJ45 wiring for adsl



I hadn't realised you had already split at a filtered faceplate. it is indeed the unfiltered connections to the incoming A/B that you need to a (ideally only 1 )  dedicated ADSL extension.

The blue connections on the RJ45 should be the correct ones.



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Re: RJ45 wiring for adsl

Why are you wanting to use an RJ45 socket when the Hub uses RJ11?