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Remote Access to Home Network. No IPv4 address

Im part of a Citizen science project that has a 7 Network cameras connected to a mini PC on my home network.

The guys behind the project have asked for access to the mini pc so they can tweek some settings

Im led to believe that the home hub 2 doesnt alow remote access, Certainly when the project owned has tried before they have had issues accessing the web ui.

From ther US Project lead

"I don't currently have remote access. Is there a way I can get in? I can send you a VPN file if needed"

From the Europe lead


That would be the link from the internet which will only work if you are forwarding port 443 to the AMS computer.

Internally you can access the webUI at https://192.168.... (your local IP address), and you have to ignore the certificate warning.

Also this

yes, your camera is remotely accessible via ports 22 and 3389. It just seems that port 443 for remote access to the WebUI is blocked.


Maybe you can clear that at your DSL router as well.

And this

Ah, I remember. It seems you have a “DSL light” connection with no proper IPv4 address.

You have a LTE router, don’t you?

It might be worth to call your telecom provider and tell them you need an IPv4 address.

Telekom in Germany has one APN that offers IPv4 address for LTE router for example.

It’s not officially offered, but it has been working for years, anyway.

Please advise


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Re: Remote Access to Home Network. No IPv4 address

You don't need remote access to the hub (which is definitely not possible) you just need access to the PC.

That can simply be achieved by port forwarding  port 443 to the internal IP address of the PC which will be

Instructions on how to do that can be found here 

You will also need to inform the guys requiring access what your public IP address is which can be found by going to Advanced settings > Broadband > Internet

Bear in mind your public IP address is dynamic and liable to change. If the access required is just a one-off, supply the address when access is required. If they need to access on a more regular basis you need to sign up for a Dynamic DNS service that will track your IP address.

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