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Router/Network Advice

Hi, I currently have a BTHub6 router and im looking for some advice if anyone on here has any ideas on the issues on having. I am thinking to buy a new router which will be better quality but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the below.

My home network is not really your standard sized home network, from the main router there is roughly 30 connected devices at any given time. We have a CCTV system which is  connected to the WiFi and so many of the 3 devices are cameras. 

We also have 2 wireless TP-Link AP's each with their own unique SSID. 

The issue we have is that when everything is connected, the internet can often drop out but when I unplug e.g. the CCTV from the network it stops dropping out completely. I have also thought it often appears to drop out as soon as a device starts being used. E.g. A computer turns on in the house. 

I've had BT come out and they cant find any issues with the line just to check that. Looking on the router manual a disconnection should cause the light to go orange/pink however when it drops out for us it goes green which the manual says it should do that when its initially starting up. This makes me think the router can't handle all the connected devices and crashes then reboots. Would anyone agree?


I have had a look online and I can't find anything such as a "Maximum simultaneous connected device limit", the only thing I can think is maybe the router is poor quality and I'll need to buy a higher spec router?



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Re: Router/Network Advice

 I would never recommend anything other than power over Ethernet when using IP cameras. Wi-Fi is asking for trouble in terms of security and of course bandwidth and reliability.

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