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Smart hub 2 with Whole home premium drop outs

I have been using BT smart hub 1 with BT premium whole home discs. This used to work generally well but some rare drop outs which BT have said is the router. I have been given a smart hub 2 and have connected the 3 BT Premium whole home discs to it.

The wi fi signal is still distributed by the discs and there is a regular periodic drop out of signal. I can see on the whole home app that it goes red and then goes back to connected status. 
I have noticed that the discs also show a temporary red light before going back to blue.
In addition when connected and try to access a webpage there is sometimes a 2/3 second delay before it loads and other times it is instant. 
Please can anyone advise what the problem could be and a solution?
Thanking you for your help in advance 


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