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Switched to Home Essentials / Digital Phones


After a lot of messing about and receiving conflicting advise from BT I had to go back to using BT own equipment to take advantage of the Home essentials package and what it had to offer.

I previously used an open reach modem and my Asus router and have had no issues for ages until I contacted BT about this new package as I'm disabled.

Then the problems started as the staff unfortunately didn't no how the digital phones worked in relation to there own equipment never mind third party routers.

I was advised I could keep my old analog phones, but know no these wouldn't work as the line is just digital.

The problem I have now is the digital phones won't connect to the Hud 2 or find it, Ive followed the instructions to the letter.

The phones seem to think I have no internet connection, Ive also reset the Hub multiple times but this doesn't make any difference.

The part in the HUBs config page which relates to the digital phones is blank, it just says not configured.

Any help would be appreciated, 

Best wishes,


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Re: Switched to Home Essentials / Digital Phones

if you go to hub manager in the SH2 can you see your phone number displayed and if so can you select it.  once selected you should be able to pair your new DV phone to the hub

Your existing phone connects to the green socket on back of hub assuming your phone number is shown in hub manager and should work as normal

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Re: Switched to Home Essentials / Digital Phones

You would appear not to have been converted to Digital Voice. Does your analogue line still work?

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