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TP- Link with BT Hub issues!

I've upgraded to BT Fibre and have BT Digital Voice so I have the BT Hub connected to the wall via Lan, and then the TP-Link Router connected to the hub. I've put the TP-Link in wireless router mode and connected via a dynamic IP and turned off the wireless and the DHCP on the BT hub, and all works well or so it seems. The problem is that at around 3.30 the last two days, the TP-Link connection light goes red and I lose all internet signal. The BT Hub is still shining blue so I think that's still working fine it's just the TP-Link router shows connection failed.

Have I set it up wrong? Or is there something I'm missing? What makes it worse is I then can't connect to the BT Hub because I've turned the wireless off so I connect via a cable but even that doesn't work as it won't connect. The only way I can get everything working again is by fully resetting the Bt hub which has the disastrous move of losing all my phone numbers on the Digital Voice. 

Any help is gratefully received.

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Re: TP- Link with BT Hub issues!

If the TP link is in wireless router mode and dynamic IP, you need DHCP enabled on the hub to serve it an IP address. Alternatively, give it a static IP address if and turn off DHCP on the hub

Neither will you be able to connect to the hub with DHCP turned off unless you give the device connecting a static IP address as it won't be getting one from the hub.

You are sawing off the branch you are sitting on.

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Re: TP- Link with BT Hub issues!

Cheers, I knew II was going wrong somewhere. I was starting to confuse myself over what should be turned on and what shouldn't.

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