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Third Party Routers with Good Wifi & VLAN Support

Hey Folks,

I have 500mbps FTTP. I'm happy with the service, but want more control over my network.  I have the Smart Hub 2 and in my house, the coverage is excellent.

I've recently tried the Ubiquiti ecosystem and frankly found it terrible. I have a decent amount of networking knowledge,  but the stability was bad, and speeds and latency awful.

In my office upstairs, I will get 350mbps ish from my Macbook pro - With a Ubiquiti Dream Machine and a WiFi 6 Pro AP, i was getting anywhere between 10-100, if I was lucky, with bad upload. Various bits of tuning, different channel widths, produced no notable difference, it was just so flaky, where my Smart Hub 2 has been, to be fair, absolutely rock solid. It just lacks the features I want.

I was considering a Vigor 2865AX, but I read that the WiFi is not so good. I would prefer not to have a separate router & wifi APs, if possible. But I'd consider it, as long as they are capable of broadcasting multiple SSIDs (I'd want 4) & have VLAN suport.

Curious to what others use and if the all in one approach is suitable with other vendors. 


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Re: Third Party Routers with Good Wifi & VLAN Support

You might be better off posting over on Kitz

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