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Upload problems with BT Halo 3

Hi. I’d be grateful for advice. I have Fibre with Halo 3 service and usually get download 50MB and upload 10MB with 6-9 ping. 
I’m a part time photographer and regularly need to upload photos to a website. This can be several GB. 
More and more often these days, the uploading slows to a crawl when I do this, and eventually download and upload speeds seem to be throttled and reach zero with ping become 1000 to 3000.  I then need to cancel upload and reset the router several times which eventually resolves the issue for normal use until I try to upload a batch of photos. 
A BT engineer visited and recommended I connect the Mac directly to router which I did. But no change to the problem. 
The engineer couldn’t explain why the upload speed is throttled when I upload several GB. He suggested full fibre to house will solve this but what can I do now to solve this?

Many thanks for your advice. 

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