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Using Whole Home with ethernet connected devices

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I did do my best to search out any pre-existing answer.

I have a router with two ethernet ports, each of which currently have a BT Whole Home disc connected.  This is working well.  I'm considering putting an ethernet switch between one of the discs and the router.  The other ports on the switch would then have a desktop and a printer connected.

Two questions:

1) Will this work?  I think I've seen answers elsewhere to suggest it will.  I'm pretty confident about that, but best to check!

2) Will I be able to see all connected devices on the network?  e.g. if my mobile phone has a WiFi connection to one of the disks, will it see the printer connected via an ethernet cable into the switch (bearing in mind the switch is going straight back to the router.

Many thanks in anticipation!



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Re: Using Whole Home with ethernet connected devices

Yes to all of your questions.

Just get a simple unmanaged switch.

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