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Using a third party router

So at the minute I have the Halo 3+ bundle which consists of the smart hub 2, wifi disk and the hybrid. I am looking to replace the stock smart hub 2 router with a new third party router.

my smart hub Is connected to an AVDL filter using a standard telephone cable with RJ11 connectors either end, which then connects to an extension from the master socket using a phone connector. 

what would be the best third party router that is compatible with my current setup? I am looking for high download and upload speeds mainly for gaming, I’m averaging around 30 download and 12 upload which isn’t brilliant so any improvement would be great. 

After doing some research, I’ve read that I need a VSDL modem/router due to the smart hubs in-capability to go into modem only mode. If I was to buy a VSDL modem/router, would I need to replace the ASDL filter for a VSDL filter? Or will the ASDL filter work? I’m assuming that replacing the ASDL filter would be best as it would reduce interference, but I would like some more opinions please because I’m not sure.


thank you

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Re: Using a third party router

There is no VDSL filter, the filter is the same regardless of ADSL or VDSL service.

If you have the black complete WiFi discs they won't work with a third party router neither will the hybrid device.

A third party router will make absolutely no difference to your download and upload speeds.

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