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Wifi continually dropping out since switching to BT solved

I am posting this just to add another avenue of inquiry to those that like me, were beset by wifi continually dropping out. We had switched to BT because of their greater infrastructure support but from day one were beset by the wifi continually dropping out on my wife's laptop and me having to reset the network to get online on my desktop Windows 10 PC.  We had superb help from OpenReach who came and rewired our master socket, checked the line and diagnosed REIN interference coming from a remote hard disk. Finally however they admitted defeat as did all of BT's technical support people. We were at the point of cancelling BT and going back to NowTV from whom we'd had no trouble. We had however while on NowTV suffered from a weak signal and to address this I'd used an old router as an access point in the bedroom.  In the last desperate idea I had, I switched this off and hey presto! Everything was fine. It was obviously that that had been interfering with the signal from the BT router. They did not share channels so I had assumed all would be well.  Intriguingly for any techies out there, while I couldn't get to most web sites (including all BT ones) I could get Youtube and Facebook, both I would have thought, high bandwidth sites.

If like me you had run out of ideas, perhaps this might be something to check. You might also disconnect any wifi boosters you might use. 

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