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Xbox Woes


I am having trouble with NAT status on my Smart Hub 2 and Xbox's. I have a Series X (connected via Ethernet) and a Xbox One (connected wirelessly) I have done the port forwarding as suggested on other websites/forum posts but as you are aware I can only do it on one so have opened the ports required on the series X only. I have set the IP's on both the consoles and the router to static but, am still getting problems when both are connected at the same time. Sometimes they are Open (vary rare) and sometimes they are moderate and on the very odd occasion I have had the dreaded Strict NAT type.  UPNP is turned on as you cannot turn it off for individual devices.

I am now at my wits end and can find nothing online which helps with this, even the BT twitter team just pointed me to a forum about flipping call of duty (because apparently that's the only multi-player game) and said to ask on here I am 🙂

ports for Xbox series X placed into port forwarding are:

TCP/UDP: 3074

UDP: 88, 500,3544,4500

Thanks in advance for suggestions.



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Re: Xbox Woes

HI Steve, did you get a solution for this?  I've just upgraded to BT full fibre which has also upgraded my router from  BT Smart Hub to BT Smart Hub 2.  As a result of this my kids two Xbox's no longer work.  Both devices are cabled in and do not use wifi. The only setting I had to change previously was the DNS settings, which I updated to use googles DNS servers  I never had any NATing or port forwarding issues before as UPnP seemed to handle everything OK.


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Re: Xbox Woes

Hi, no I didn't. The only thing I did was give each xbox it's own ip address (on both the xbox settings and the router settings) and open the ports. It is very hit and miss on what happens when they are both online at the same time. They both go online but the NAT settings are very temperamental 

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