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Apple TV: Liverpool Vs Tottenham - Many issues

Only just had the chance to post this.

Yesterday, during every ad break, it was a constant battle to get it to work again, and by that, i mean to be able to watch the actual live coverage (Buildup and/or match)

After every break, where the inserted ads would finish, and the rejoin of the live stream, it would either end dead and stay dead (stuck on the end-frame of the ad and nothing else), or rejoin the stream and then jump backward 30secs in pictures, but not the audio. Then having to exit and rejoin the stream of the channel, and it would either jump back again and go OOS, or stay on very low quality until the app was exited entirely and restarted, before allowing me to watch as normal again with full HD quality.

I was only watching via the actual BT SPORT1 channel, not the advanced player option on the home screen, as ive found that if the event going on longer than planned, you get kicked off the channel back to the homescreen, so selecting the actual channel doesn't give me this issue.

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