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Error vc526 but only when watching UFC 287


I keep getting this message VC526 saying internet issues. 

I have 140Mbps FFTP. My internet is fine, speed tested and power cycled devices to be sure. 

I tried on iPhone 14 with the latest iOS, Windows PC via web browser & iPad Pro. 

all getting the same error. 

tried 4G on phone, and all three devices display thee same error. 

Seems to be an issue with the UFC replay feed? 

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Re: UFC 287

Woke up this morning early to watch the UFC and Having the same issue. I only subscribe to BT for the UFC. I think I'll be cancelling and going with your option

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Re: Error vc526 but only when watching UFC 287

I’m getting exactly the same.


also the enhanced player just stopped working. Won’t play on my Smart TV or iPhone 12 and I’ve got 400mb internet.

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

Completely agree here . What is going on BT? stop presenting error messages making out as if it’s our fault . We pay a premium to watch these events . Your events show up as watchable but clearly aren’t . We’re on uk and a lot of us can only watch the event in the morning .. without the result ruined. Please fix moving forward and please explain the issue - otherwise don’t bother trying to give us a frustrating service . Enough is enough - the price point is high enough. 

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Re: Error vc526 but only when watching UFC 287

These errors happen way to often with BT Sport tbh. It seems it’s way too unreliable for the big fights. Definitely cancelling after watching this fight back. Too frustrating.
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Re: UFC 287

Spoken to BT and they say “the tower” are aware and it should be fixed within the next few hours. Not good enough. 

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Re: Error vc526 but only when watching UFC 287

tempting, if anyone knows another way I will definitely cancel. I only have the BT Sport app for UFC. Not interested in anything else..... i imagine lots feel the same. 

I've had BT sport for years and usually it really reliable, but the last few events have been unbearable. 

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Re: Error vc526 but only when watching UFC 287

@ufcfan100  a decent VPN and espn+ will do the job anf itll be cheaper then the BT sport sub, crazy thing is BT only stay in busisness when they have a monopoly.. that will soon end 

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Re: UFC 287

The fact it’s the biggest thing on their landing page on the app and it doesn’t work is a joke. Literally 90% of the reason I have BT Sport is UFC and it doesn’t work.

Probably VPN & ESPN+ or you know… the other ways to stream 👀
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Re: UFC 287

I'm having the same issue again. Absolutely not on. Sitting here twiddling my thumbs while trying to avoid looking at my phone!