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Bodo/Glimt Ajax TNT 7HD tonght

In tonight game there was extra time played in Bodo/Glimt The coverage of that game  on ch460  TNT7 HD continued until approximately. 8:22pm .  The box pro EPG was not updated to reflect the broadcast  continuing past its original  7:45pm scheduled end.  The Box pro  guide and the programme info information  was therefore inaccurate after 7:45 for over half an hour ,  indeed from 8pm all box info listed the Frankfurt UnionSG game as being covered which was inaccurate for 22 minutes.

watching  the live Goals Show on 432 the live graphics  being maintained on that show  were indicating that  the Frankfurt game was on TNT 7 even at the time that it wasn’t .

Bit better coordination seems to be required,

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