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Can’t resubscribe to BT monthly pass

When I first signed up to the monthly pass it worked fine for the first month but once the month is up I get an email from BT saying that I’m unable to resubscribe and need to update my payment details. But when I go to put my payment details in it keeps saying payment declined. However, if I sign up with a new account it works again for the first month but at the end of the month it’s the same malarkey all over again. I have spoken with my bank and from what they can see there is nothing wrong with my card as I have been able to continue using it. Just for some reason BT won’t accept it after the first month. 

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Re: Can’t resubscribe to BT monthly pass

Hi @tommygunnar1997,

It sounds like your debit or credit card isn't set up for continuous payments. The only way that we wouldn't be able to take a payment would be due to your bank declining the recurring payment. That would be why we were able to take the initial payment as it was a one off. Have you spoken with anyone in BT in Customer Service that stated the payment was declined?


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