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Re: College football

Appalled by this decision. I’m tied into TNT sports for another 12-month, of an initial 18, contract, but I will be cancelling once that’s up. They won’t care that I’m cancelling, but I have no desire to pay £30 a month for the product TNT currently offers - and I’m particularly annoyed by the lack of transparency from TNT on this issue.  With the closure of ESPN Player, you won’t be able to legally watch a single college football snap (outside of Norte Dame) in the UK this season. Truly shocking. Hopefully -  though I shan’t hold my breath - something like the old NASN channel can make a comeback.

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Re: College football

A bizarre twist for American college football viewers.......

Disney pulls ESPN from Spectrum on 1st day of college football Week 1 (

All this leads me to believe something is happening in the background. 

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Re: College football

I wouldn't read too much into that in terms of the UK situation.  These sort of 'carriage disputes' seem to happen all the time in the USA if you do a search on YouTube you'll see loads of adverts going back decades telling people to contact their cable provider to complain etc. As the article mentions DirecTV are also in a dispute that affects programming including college football but with Nexstar.

It doesn't really happen over here as often but there have been couple involving Virgin Media e.g. back in 2007 when Sky pulled their basic channels and then ran a special offer to get Virgin Media customers to switch.



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Re: College football

This is a total DISASTER, week 1 drama last night and i get to see nothing of it.



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Re: College football

The Colorado v TCU game was one of the best I've seen in years. There's highlights on YouTube. 


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Re: College football

On 25th May I like i guess all subscibers received an email from BT advising of the name change. In that email it explicitly states:

"We’re getting in touch to let you know that, on 18th July, BT Sport will become TNT Sports.

You don’t need to do anything. Your package and price will stay the same, and you’ll have access to all the same content that you watch now. But you will notice the name change across your channel list, your bill and our website."

I have put a formal complaint into BT as I consider this to be a fraudulent act by BT who have effectivly lied and therefore are taking money from me under false pretences. I have a complaint reference and have now reported this to the Ombudsman. 

I would suggest similar if your primary reason for having BT sport/ TNT Sport  is to watch college football (it is for me) 

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Re: College football

I don't think you'll get very far, as per the T&Cs...

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 13.29.11.png

maybe they'll do something as a goodwill gesture but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Re: College football

They have offered a "goodwill gesture" but my point is that they explicitly made a false statement in that email. 

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Re: College football

Feel very similar about this.   I love my college, to basketball and college football too as well as Game Day.   


They have lied.    Alot has changed and it certainly isn't for the better.


Sad times.

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Re: College football

100% behind you on this. 


They lied to all subscribers. All my favourite contect that i watch is GONE yet im locked into a package that i wont be watching. I only watched ESPN FC and College Football and its associated programmes and now it gone. To be replaced by rubbish.


Awful awful by BT/TNT