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Re: TNT SPORTS Buffering , screen freezes , with rotating circle

I  posted in Nov 23 , TNT sports buffering , and stated the problem has only occurred ,since the change to TNT sport
Why is it so difficult to identify issue , if you ask,
When did fault occur 
Have there been any changes 
Yes , TNT  app change 
Problem solved 
Why has BT management not tasked  Discovery management to solve issue ?
They stated there would be no changes to customers due to the change over.
BT engineer on his visit to me , could not find a reason ,why the problem was occurring, suggested changing to a more up to date  router , which did not solve problem
TNT will not work on my 3/4 year old Panasonic 4K TV ,buffering (using chrome cast)
Tried it on a LG OLED 2023 model , once it connects , no problem 
Although this never connects first time , only connects on second attempt
Yes , I have tried usual fixes 
I am no system engineer, but suggests system requirements are different between TNT and BT sport app ,hence buffering on Panasonic TV
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Re: TNT SPORTS Buffering , screen freezes , with rotating circle


Incidentally, relating to your other months old Firestick thread, I tested the new Max during the West Ham match, having set it to 50hz, and playback was perfectly smooth. No real issues at all. Perhaps one or two very brief split second drop outs that may have been the feed, but nothing that brought up the spinning circle. I’ll need more time to watch with the developer tools stats on screen to sure of anything though, so don’t hold your breath


I know the newer Fire Stick 4K Max has some better aspects including its processor, a Quad-core 2.0GHz to be exact, vs the 1.8 in the first gen version, and a GPU speed of 850MHz compared to 750MHz in the old one. According to AFTVNews, its has a performance increase of around 13%, which might not seem much, but in the overall grand-scheme of things, that can be the difference in something working and not.

You reporting it was mostly smooth playback is a positive in every way because it means that possibly, it's an option, vs it being a woeful playback experience but i agree, seeing some long-range performance and stats would be advantageous to see how bad or not the drop-frames are (Including dropping from 50p to 25p if it either can't handle the load or has a drop in bandwidth etc)

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Re: TNT SPORTS Buffering , screen freezes , with rotating circle

I have read the previous threads re the buffering issue and there appears to be no resolution to this.

I am experiencing the same issues while accessing TNT via Discovery+ on a late model LG TV.

All other apps work perfectly with no issue and content streams without issue. It doesn’t appear to make a difference if I watch in UHD or just HD, the buffering still occurs. It is the same when you watch any live transmissions from TNT. The Eurosport live transmissions are better with fewer buffering episodes.

I have fibre optic connection and the TV is hard wired internet connection via Ethernet 

Poor service.

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Re: TNT SPORTS Buffering , screen freezes , with rotating circle

To be fair, i think the LG issues have been long and protracted, much like the Fire Stick issues and no fix in sight. Its likely you'll need and alternative device to actually get your enjoyment out of it.

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Re: TNT SPORTS Buffering , screen freezes , with rotating circle


Watched the UHD HDR stream of Everton Spurs with the 2nd gen Firestick Max set to 2160p 50hz. I had the stream active for 10 minutes before kick off and through half time with the developer tools info visible most of the time, so it had about 2 hours and every opportunity to misbehave.

Input bitrate consistently between 18 and 20mbps, 2 dropped frames, no resolution drops and no buffering. Frame rate a consistent 50fps, though it did drift upwards slightly towards the end to 50.01. No idea what that implies. The two dropped frames had no visible effect at all.

In short it’s been a flawless detailed picture with smooth motion. The only downside was stereo audio only, but I could live with that.

Nobody has posted about buffering during this match so far, so whether this is what to expect from it every time is anyone’s guess frankly.


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Re: TNT SPORTS Buffering , screen freezes , with rotating circle

I was watching the same match on my ROKU and it was flawless, so there were no feed issues as such.

Glad you're able to report it was smooth sailing and delivered a solid experience, finally! Safe to say they've got this one right.

As for audio, i believe Atmos was disabled on Fire Sticks a while back from D+. I have no idea if that has a timeline for restoration or if you need to select an audio option within settings for it to run.

(Don't worry about what looks like framerate drift, the Fire Sticks & Cube have always reported weirdly on some apps. BT Sport app would report 49.990 for me while Now TV would report 50.000)