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TNT Sports on Discovery+ app

Over this weekend I've tried watching premiership rugby a couple of times via the Discovery+ app.

The first time, I watched Exeter v Saracens via the app on a Sony Bravia smart TV. Great picture but I was getting constant interruptions from a red video 'scroll bar' (RW/Play/FF) which, at first, also had a further bar with timings of tries, conversions, etc. I managed to get rid of the latter but still had the former popping up every couple of minutes which is really irritating.

Today, I started watching Northampton v Sale on the app through my BT 4K box and it constantly buffered or seemed to go into slow motion. Watching the same game through the EPG works fine but is in SD.

Anyone else getting these issues? I never used the BT Sport app so can't compare it with the D+ one.

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Re: TNT Sports on Discovery+ app

Yes. There's a few comments here about this. I posted this elsewhere:

I use the Discovery + app on an LG TV to watch rugby on TNT Sports and at times it's impossible to watch due to the stuttering. Using the BT Sports app was fine.

We are customers of BT and pay for a service from them. If BT chooses to outsource their service to a 3rd party provider that's their  choice. If that service is unacceptable it's up to BT, who we pay, to fix the issue. BT must have a Service Level Agreement with Discovery+/TNT Sports, which seems obviously not being reached, by the number of compaints on the BT community about this. I renewed my contract with BT partly to be able to watch the rugby. I am now commited to a contract that provides me with an inferior service. Trying to pass the buck is unacceptable.

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