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TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

Hi all, 

I had been enjoying Bt sport now TNT with no problems.  However as of about a week ago, I’m no longer able to watch football in UHD via the discovery plus app on Apple TV 4K.  I’m presented with the following error 

NSURLErrorDomain - 1002 

Invalid URL 

I can only check this and try to troubleshoot as and when the football is being shown in ultra hd. There is no dedicated Ultimate channel on the app. This adds to the frustration. Making it much more difficult to fix the issue.  As I’m not being able to watch the games in UHD like I had been I’m spending the entirety of games trying to fix this error. I’ve reached out to discovery plus support but so far no reply.


I have tried the follow steps ;

Rest router and all internet devices, connected via Wi-Fi connected via hard wire, Uninstalled the app, factory rest my Apple TV, I have also downloaded the app on my phone and TNT sport ultimate worked. 

Can anybody help me? There seems to be very little in terms of technical support for customers. It’s so confusing who do we contact? BT, TNT or Discovery? 

I really want a fix for this I see absolutely no reason as to why it would be working fine and then suddenly I’d be getting this error -1002 out of the blue. Please help I was really enjoying games in UHD. 

many thanks 😊 

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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

Unfortunately this would need to be raised with discovery, as we don't have access to their logs to see what's going on.

Can you watch replays? Many of them are available in UHD.
Can you think of anything that may have changed? E.g. parental controls on the broadband? Any OS updates on the Apple TV?
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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

Thanks for the reply, 


Is there any other way to contact them? Seems like email is the only way. 

Ok, can you point me in the direction of UHD match replays on the discovery plus app via Apple TV 4K please ? I’m struggling to find anything it’s all just TNT sports standard channels and not ultimate. The only time I get Ultimate so I can troubleshoot is when the stream is available live. 

The only thing that’s changed is the renaming and disabling of the old BT sport app on Apple TV. Actually come to think of it my problem coincides with the disabling of the BT sport app. What’s ironic is I never had Ultimate show up on that app despite it being part of my add on with EE. I just assumed you couldn’t get ultimate on Apple TV 4K which seemed bizarre to me..

It was working fine on discovery and I was loving having the games in UHD at last, but now I’m presented with this url error. Surly an incorrect URL would suggest the web address is wrong their end? 

It’s so frustrating. 


many thanks for the help, and any help in advance! 

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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

Finally, found someone else with this issue!

I have 3 4KATV’s at home, 1 is the new 3rd Generation and the other 2 are 1st Gen.

The 2 1st Gens I get this error, the 3rd gen however doesn’t not, I wonder if the way the UHD is delivered on the 1st gen isn’t supported or something because the error is more an tvOS error to do with development.

Be interested to know what models yours are?



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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

Hi, I believe mine is the second generation. I can’t be 100 percent sure though as no longer have the box. Its the one with nice black glass remote?

I hope this isn’t the case because that would absolutely suck. Any idea how to roll back updates for TV OS? I currently do not have any other active UHD subscriptions so it’s hard to see if it’s problem with my device. The fact it’s a URL error would suggest it’s Discovery plus’s end. 

I’ve attached an image to show exactly what’s happening. It’s so stupid, was all working fine until about a week ago.. Turns out the image is to large… 


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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

Hello mate.

The 2nd and 3rd gens came with the silver remote, the 1st gen was the slim black remote.

All other apps I use on my 1st gens work for UHD and HDR, only Discovery Plus fails out on UHD content where as it works fine on my 3rd gen.

Problem is I tend to watch champions league football in the lounge with my 3rd gen and I can’t remember if Discovery Plus UHD ever worked on the other 1st gens, it was only at the weekend I noticed. It is annoying now though, has yours ever worked or did it stop when you moved from BT Sport app to Discovery?

Yeah it’s URL error but it relates more to how the traffic is requested or sent, it’s a general development error that different apps can see, not that I’ve ever seen it before but Apple app developers see it. I wonder if there is some mismatch going on and Discovery and thinking there is some problem with the traffic. 

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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002


I previously watched via the bt sport app. I assumed by sport ultimate just wasn’t available on Apple TV which seemed bizarre.

Then when I switched to discovery at the start of this season I was happy to finally have the option to stream in UHD. It was working fine until about a week ago.  What TV OS is your 1st gen please? Mine is currently 17.1 I’m assuming the update has screwed communication with discovery server. 

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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

All mine are on 17.1.

At half time I’ll mail Discovery support, pretty sure it’s an issue with gen 1’s

tvos updating might have put the app on those devices out of band or something. It’s so annoying though because I’ve tried everything as well and it’s a right pain.

UHD works on my iPhone 13 mini, even my PC browsing to the website and it’s works on my 3rd gen ATV. 

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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

It is extremely frustrating, I was loving the fact I finally had games in UHD. 

Stinks of Apple forcing people to buy the latest hardware…. 

Does it 100 percent work on the latest model? 3rd gen? How much of an upgrade are they over my devise? I love the swipe remote on mine it’s the reason why I’ve not upgraded. 

Thanks in advance! Hopefully they fix this BS.. 

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Re: TNT sport’s Ultimate URL Error -1002

There is a discovery plus UK twitter support  which might be a quicker alternative to emailing them.

Believe it is 


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