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BT Sport HD Picture Quality

Now it may be something setup specific but having switched to Sky Stream for everything but BT Sport watching MotoGP this weekend the quality of BT Sport 2 seems really poor to the point i wondered if I'd somehow ended up on the SD version!

I've mainly only watched stuff on Ultimate since switching so haven't noticed it before now.  I've switched to my Apple TV (1st gen) and the picture is noticeably sharper.  Is it just me/my aging eyes or has there been a bitrate reduction or something!? I've taken a photo on my phone (had to reduce the quality to post them here) of the MotoGP 'watermark' to try and show what I mean. 

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Re: BT Sport HD Picture Quality

Are you watching the MotoGP on channel 409  (which is SD) or 431  ( which is HD) on the BT TV Pro Box .?

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Re: BT Sport HD Picture Quality

@tweetSP0RT  I've always found the Apple TV Box (HD 4k) always outputs better picture quality than the BT Pro Box.

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Re: BT Sport HD Picture Quality

@zulu17 Definitely 431.  I hid the SD channels from the EPG a long time ago but as I mentioned in my post I double checked to make sure.  I did go to 409 as a test and that was even worse (as you'd expect). Also double checked my recording which is on HD 2 as well. It just seems poorer.

@scharter Yes it does seem superior I've only ever used the Apple TV for BT when there were all those problems with Ultimate via the box.  

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