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BT Sport app after TNT rebrand

I currently have a contract for the BT Sport app with the £5 Ultimate add-on which I watch on my Apple TV. I am confused as to what happens when the TNT rebrand takes place on 18 July.  Is the BT Sport app simply renamed or, as I have seen suggested, will its content transfer to the Discovery+ app?  The letter I received today from BT “explaining” the rebrand seems to concentrate on BT TV subscriptions rather than those of us watching via the app.

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Re: BT Sport app after TNT rebrand

No letter here, must be sending out in batches. 

All I know is that the BT Sport app will be closing and the TNT Sport channels will move into Discovery+.

The exact mechanics of that I don't think have been released yet, but I think it is most likely that it will work in a similar way and you can have a direct subscription. Whether or not 4K is an add on or a higher tier subscription instead remains to be seen. 

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