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BT TV addons bug and order stays open

When I added BT sport and HD addon to my BT TV package the order stayed open which meant I was unable to make any more changes to my TV Addons or other BT services because I had an order open. The order was instantly processed, and BT sport worked so this order should have been complete the same day, but the order stayed open for weeks.

I had to contact support to manually close the order so I could continue to use my account properly. Support closed the open order, and it was fixed, however after changing addons again earlier this month the order is again stuck, and I am again unable to manage my services.

Please can you fix this behavior. I feel Addon changes should be completed immediately and the order closed on same day. I am not sure why BT are making it so difficult, and I don't want to have to contact support or ring them every time I make a small change with my BT addons. I thought the whole idea is to make it easy to change quickly as and when required on a month-by-month basis.

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Re: BT TV addons bug and order stays open

Hi @sideeffect, sorry that the orders have not closed off fully on your account.

As the orders are still open I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with the Mod team and we'll get these closed off for you.



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Re: BT TV addons bug and order stays open

Thanks, I have since rang up and they have manually closed the order for me, and my account is working again. They were not able to determine the cause of the issue though, so I fully expect this to happen again the next time I make a change to my addons. This issue really needs to be investigated because it's extremely annoying. I won't be changing addons on my account if it's this much hassle all the time. The cynic in me suspects BT are making it difficult on purpose so people can't deactivate addons easily near the end of the monthly term.


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