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BTTV seems quite poor value?

So I'm new to BT Broadband, and I keep seeing info telling me how great BTTV is.  But when I look at the packages, once you are out of the initial "offer" period then BTTV seems expensive and not as flexible as just having individual subscriptions.  It just seems odd that a value package doesn't seem to be particularly good value.

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

I concur, but it does have it's fans.

Simply put, it is Freeview + some apps (not all), with the advantage of being able to record content from NOW TV and watch a selection of broadcast channels without an aerial (with some extras in HD compared to standard Freeview), if that is important to you.

The majority of which is attainable for much less and without a contract, apart from the NOW TV recording. Each to their own though.

Edited to add:

This is of course the current version of BT TV, they may have significant changes planned once it becomes EE TV as part of a wider move to use that as the main consumer brand. 

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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

I'm inclined to agree with you both.  It's gone downhill over recent years, to the point where I'm wondering what exactly I'm paying for.  A lot of the more interesting channels seem to have been discontinued.  About the only thing worthwhile is the Netflix subscription & it would probably be cheaper to junk BTTV and get that that separately.

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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

Have to agree with this. BT have certainly gone down hill.  My contract ends in August so I will wait to see what arrives with the EE TV re brand and with the TNT Sports. Otherwise  a move away will be tempting with a much cheaper deal all round. 

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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

I've got sky stream downstairs and took advantage of the recent deals to get a BT TV Pro with Entertainment for the spare room (remember it's Sky channels through Now, which can be more expensive with Sky Q) so I can watch my own TV with a box with a hard drive in it and my other half can watch her own stuff. 

It is the cheapest subscription TV with premium channels, in the market with a recordable box I believe. I don't have Virgin in my area, and I make good use of it.

I do believe that it will get better when EE take over that part of the business and I hope that they are holding out on any further announcements until that transfer has been completed. 

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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

I have Big Sport with Netflix Premium bump and the HD add on as thats all I need.  If I try to build a similar package with Sky Stream, it always works out more expensive with the only plus is you get some of the sky sports channels in UHD.  BTTV still has the better value for me.

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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

Canceled BT TV almost 16 months ago and I now making a small saving getting almost the same package direct from Now with discounts.

I did for the first few weeks miss not being able to record the Now channels but now dont miss that at all. As 90% of shows that I watch are on demand/catch up and two of my TV shows have since moved to Disney+.
Also BT made me an ok offer to renew my BT FTTC back in January 2 months before my contract was due to end but decided to wait to see if I could get an even better offer and then nearer the time BT changed their offer and it was not as good. 
So I ended up moving provides for a similar FTTC package and I now making g a few pounds saving there for the next 16 months.

I have looked at getting Sky Steam but for now I happy having the Now service with discounts.

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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

I guess it's paying for the record facility, but the last time I used the PVR/BlueRay combo I have for that was probably 5+ years ago.  We're usually using catch-up, have one permanent subscription and rotate between Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Amazon Prime, and occasionally NOW, Shudder(AMC), or Hulu for specific content. We always have at least two subs on the go, but never more than 3 - we're not big TV watchers no more (often less) than 90 minutes per night together, and maybe a film or two extra at the weekend.

We could quite easily drop the live TV and its associated license fee for probably 1/2 the year.  Giving up live TV is made easier by the fact that we are supposedly served by the Bilsdale Transmitter (burnt down in August 2021) the replacement for which has been due online any day for the last 6 months, and the temporary fix is patchy!

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

After factoring in the Netflix discount I'm paying £66 a month for all the Sky entertainment, movie, and sports channels with Boost included, plus BT Sport UHD. All recordable (although I only ever record some sport, and a couple of Channel 4 programmes). Plus I don't need an arial or a sat dish. BT's IP TV (multi cast) is as I understand it far superior to Sky Stream. The ability to switch packages once a month without any hassle is pretty attractive too - as is the ability to access all live and on demand content on a myriad of other devices (so that, in effect, is multi-room included in the £66).

I guess it depends on what you want to watch, and how you want to be able to watch it. But for me it's a good value proposition. I'm not sure where else will offer me better value.

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Re: BTTV seems quite poor value?

@alan_mc I have exactly the same package. I used to have big Entertainment, but found I wasn't watching half or more of the channels.  Big Sport with HD fits me perfectly, and works out cheaper than any other provider, because I don't want all the entertaiment channels you are forced to buy before haing add-ons.