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Re: now tv missing from my package

You're not alone @domg76 , my NowTV has also failed (Netflix is OK).  It is an account problem.  If you look at the passes on your MyBT, NowTV page (select manage now tv) it shows no passes.  In your now account is also shows no passes and in payment details shows 'payment failed' on the November subscription payment and wants to charge you 9.99 to watch.  I was on the phone to BT yesterday and it is being passed to the accounts team to sort it (I was promised it would be fixed in 24 hours).... we will have to wait and see.

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Re: now tv missing from my package

Thanks for this Romburner

I have just checked the account status on my now tv account and its exactly the same as you are getting. Shows no passes and payment as failed.

I replied to a private message I was sent yesterday hopefully they will see this and be able to sort. Failing that will get it touch with the bt support again and advise them of this.

Hopefully yours is all sorted for you and working again now.




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Re: now tv missing from my package

Hi Dom,

Unfortunately it is not sorted. Spent 2.5 hours jumping through hoops and resetting my TV Box just to prove that it is not a broadband/box issue and it has now been passed on to another department who is supposed to resolve it in 5 working days. Not a happy bunny here.

I hope you have better results.


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Re: now tv missing from my package

Exactly same problem since 4 December .

Can’t get into NOW tv anymore . Now app shows I have contract but tells me to get a contract . 
Have made BT put in a complaint ( they didn’t want too , telling me it had gone to second tier and rushing to sort issue )
Got a text from BT complaint and says expected to be resolved 14 December !!
So don’t believe the rubbish about a few hours or days  -BT are not being truthful .

Get a complaint going as being fobbed off .

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