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Recording and playback of Eurosport Channels


I wonder if anyone can assist with this problem?

I am able to record Eurosport but when I attempt to play the recording back I get the following message – Recording unavailable. Check the connection between your box and router, then restart the router. IPC6041.

I am hard wired from my BT Pro box to my router via a TP Link ethernet splitter. I reset my Router and it made no difference. I then reset my BT Pro box and also tried a power down. All to no avail. I get this problem when attempting to record on Eurosport HD or SD. 

I am able to record and play back TNT Sports Channels and other internet channels with no problems.

Thanks Steve

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Re: Recording and playback of Eurosport Channels

Possibly silly question, but worth asking just in case:

Have you tried watching the channel live? Does it work?
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Re: Recording and playback of Eurosport Channels

Hi DarrenDev
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am able to watch live. I can pause and then restart. I can rewind as well. When watching the tennis last weekend I had to leave the box on and then rewind to watch from the start.
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Re: Recording and playback of Eurosport Channels

A strange one, as the channel should either be provisioned, or not - i.e. either work for live AND recording, or neither.

Maybe @David_H can help?

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Re: Recording and playback of Eurosport Channels

Historically (couple of years ago)  a  maintenance  mode factory reset (keeping  recordings) did seem to resolve a similar  issue.

I would suggest  aswait the EETV  advice before  doing this as the reset would probably  clear the evidence  of what the root cause here.

As  it is Eurosport stuff  there is fortunately  a lot of on demand programming available  on the discovery + app that you have  on the TVBox Pro.  It can be tricky  to find it sometimes  but there are a lot of full match replays  of say the Australian  Open tennis. You also have for some events ad free streams  as an alternative  to the Eurosport  linear channel streams which cut away to adverts.